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Shelley Quinte

Shelley has been a contributing author, presenter and lecturer on a variety of labour and employment law topics throughout her career, some of which include: 

  • Credibility:  "The Importance of Being Ernest", Federated Press (Management Rights)ˆ
  • Doctrine of Estoppel:  The Elimination of Workplace Practices Outside of the Collective Agreement, Federated Press (Management Rights)*
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing, Forum North, Health and Safety Conference and Trade Show
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Since Entrop v. Imperial Oil Ltd., Federated Press (Management Rights), reprinted in Federated Press (HR Strategist)*
  • Eliminating Mandatory Retirement, Federated Press (Management Rights)
  • Employee Benefits:  Arbitrator Rules Employment Standards Act, 2000 Requires That an Absence on Pregnancy Leave Be Counted as Active Service in Determining Eligibility for Pension Benefits, Federated Press (Management Rights)*
  • Employment Insurance: Should the Employer Participate or Not, Federated Press (Management Rights)
  • Return to Work Creates "Catch 22" for Employer, Federated Press (Management Rights)*
  • Riverside Health Care Facilities Inc. - Arbitrator Declares a Mistrial Where a Fair Arbitration Deemed Impossible, Federated Press (Management Rights)*
  • Loss of Driver's Licence: Grounds for Lay-Off?, Federated Press (Management Rights)*
  • Upholding Minimum Statutory Notice Periods In Employment Agreements, HR Wise, HRPANO
  • Workplace Security and the Employer's Right to Search, Federated Press (Management Rights)*
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Workshop: Exercising Your Rights, Meeting Your Obligations Under Ontario's New Bill 168, Lancaster House


In addition to her writing and participation in formal conferences, Shelley will custom-design presentations and workshop materials for in-house management training and education based on current cases and commentary, in response to specific incidents or issues in your workplace or sector.   Contact Shelley to discuss opportunities for her to enhance the knowledge and skills of your management team in dealing with labour, employment and human rights issues in your workplace.




ˆ co-authored with Garth O'Neill, Weiler, Maloney, Nelson

* co-authored with Fred Bickford, Weiler, Maloney, Nelson