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Shelley Quinte

Labour Law and Labour Relations

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As an experienced labour lawyer, Shelley focuses on labour disputes and labour relations extending to all aspects of the employment relationship within a unionized workplace.  Familiar with the challenges raised by unions in construction, forestry, transportation, communications, manufacturing, industry, retail, government, municipal services, education, social services and health care, employers count on Shelley’s approachable and direct involvement in workplace issues, spanning from brief consultations on collective agreement language to complex and urgent litigation.   Contact Shelley for more information or assistance concerning: 

  • Certification
            • Decertification

            • Collective Bargaining / Negotiations

            • Collective Agreement Interpretation

            • Management Rights, Policy and Procedures

            • Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation

            • Employee Performance

            • Attendance and Disability Management

            • Compensation & Benefits

            • Discipline and Discharge

            • Lay-offs, Reorganizations and Restructuring

            • Grievance Handling

            • Arbitration

            • Interest Arbitration

            • Mediation

            • Workplace Investigations

            • Unfair Labour Practice Complaints

            • Sale of Business, Successor /Common Employer Proceedings

            • Strikes, Lock-outs and Picketing


In addition, Shelley offers general or custom-designed training, workshops and consultations for executives, managers, supervisors and human resources professionals on any aspect involving labour law and labour relations in the workplace.   Let’s work together.